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Negative Ads May Hurt our Children
$928 Million Anti-Drug Campaign Didn’t Work
John Walters, of the US Office of National Drug Control said, “The government’s recent five year, multi-million dollar drug campaign has failed. The TV commercials may have done more harm than good,” he added.” In addition, recent research of drug rehab centers by national drug expert, Maia Szalavitz, concludes that the hard-hitting content of many drug treatment programs have turned “curious” teens into crackheads.

When will those in power realize what corporate advertisers have known for years? Never knock the competition – because you create more awareness for them instead of for your own brand. When we use advertising to persuade youth – by promoting what NOT to do – it is worse than saying nothing at all – and using $928 million dollars of taxpayer money to do it is even worse. Changing the behaviors of our children will only be done in the media when we promote the behaviors that will make them successful, not crackheads – and leave the negative “hard-hitting” stuff in the dark – where it belongsEP,Caring Habit Founder

“You Count” was selected as the Caring Habit for February because its holiday, Valentine’s Day, celebrate” the importance of others in our lives and to celeberate ourselves too. WOW! Fuchsia is a color that stands out in a crowd, just like we all do. In the United States we also celebrate February as “Black History Month.” The idea “You Count” expands on the meaning of Black History to include a celebration of every one and of every ethnic history.

Goal for the Month: To know that you count and Believe it!

Some Action Examples:

  • A neighborhood school bus driver learns the names of every youth who rides his bus.
  • A popular student goes out of his way to talk with a classmate who is socially “invisible.”
  • A teacher, stressed by the behavior of one student, talk personally with the student about the problem as the first step.


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