Ways To Help Children With Autism

When a child has been diagnosed with autism there are many characteristics of autism that children may display. Children with autism do not demonstrate the same symptoms as the other so it’s important to recognize every symptoms in case there are just one of the symptoms recognized.

Not only kids can have autism, an adult also can get autism. Adult who play game dewa poker online can get autism like children do now a day.

Children with autism may not act as though anything is wrong until after the age of two when the child development stages are not noticed. By the age of two, children usually display many different signs that show they are progressing well. However children with autism may show one of the following symptoms:

Cannot smile and return a smile when you smile at them. This can occur anywhere from age six months and up. They cannot mimic sounds and facial expressions. This is usually noticeable by the age of nine months however if the child doesn’t mimic your facial expressions or sounds by the age of two there may be a problem.

Children with autism cannot talk by the age of sixteen months of age. If a child said something at first but then quite talking then this may also be a sign of autism. The child cannot point, reach, wave, or show you something by the age of one year old.

Parents and child care providers may notice that a child is not responding in as early as a year old but may decide to wait until the child turns two before worrying about it. When the doctor is notified that the parents and or child care giver has noticed a problem, they may order further testing to rule out other types of disabilities.

When children with autism interact with other children, they do not want to play with others, mimic others, or share toys with others. They simply focus on one part of a toy, usually something that goes around or runs, and will not play with any toys other than that one. They will not share that toy with others either.

Children with autism will need to be placed on medications to control the behavioral outbursts as well as other medication depending on what the doctor decides to do.

It’s important that parents of children with autism learn all they can about the condition and learn how to help their child handle activities of daily living. When you work together as a family, children with autism tend to display less symptoms than those who do not have a complete support team. Everyone involved in that child’s life should be a part of their care.

Children with autism like to have a routine that doesn’t change in any way. A simple change is something that upsets them and therefore you should create a schedule that does allow some freeway in schedule changing. Don’t jam pack their schedule so they do not have an opportunity to change anything. Take charge of your child’s schedule and don’t allow anyone to change the schedule without first checking with you. Children with autism can lead a happy life surrounded by those who love and care for them.

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